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Coolskin® 375 Oven Gloves (Pair)
Coolskin 375 machine washable oven gloves available in four sizes. Non allergenic - ambidextrous - soft and flexible. Your fingers remain free to move, leaving you in control.
£20.95 inc.VAT More Info
Coolskin® GTX Mid Gauntlet (Pair)
The medium-gauntlet length Coolskin 375 oven gloves offer additional protection over the wrist. Soft, nimble and machine washable, they keep your fingers free.
£22.75 inc.VAT More Info
Coolskin® 375 GTX20 Full Length Gauntlet (Pair)
Reach into the deepest ovens safely with this pair of gauntlet length Coolskin; 375 GTX20 oven gloves. Soft, nimble and machine washable, avoid forearm burns on oven shelves.
£25.25 inc.VAT More Info
Coolskin® 375 MTX MITTENS (Pair)
These oven mittens come in one large size for all and are quick and easy to put on / take off. They will remain soft and floppy, not stiff and insensitive. Generous 30cm length.
£21.95 inc.VAT More Info
Coolskin® Steam (Pair)
Choose Steam for steam and grease resistant gloves. Soft and flexible, machine washable at 40°C.

These Blue gloves contain an additional Latex membrane to help protect against liquid spills and steam burns.
£22.75 inc.VAT More Info

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