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Coolskin® Steam (Pair)


Coolskin® Steam have the added benefit of being steam resistant.

  • Generous length glove, approximately 27cm long for added wrist protection
  • Outer glove is Aramid 1313 for excellent heat protection.
  • Inner cotton-lined latex layer providing additional heat protection and resistance to steam
  • Flexible, comfortable, long lasting
  • Gloves have a handy loop for hanging up
  • Ovens, AGA cookers, solid fuel stoves and microwaves and barbecues
  • Machine washable

Unlike other gloves in the coolskin range these steam proof gloves are not ambidextrous as they have a shaped right and left hand. They are however particularly easy to slip on and off quickly.

Aramid 1313 fibre, originally created by DuPont™ under the brand NOMEX®, forms the heat resistant outer layer of COOLSKIN® gloves and mittens. Aramid has a high level of heat and flame resistance, yet has similar wear behaviour to normal apparel fibers and does not lose its resistance to heat by washing. The gloves and mittens manufactured with this material have exceptional durability.

£22.75 inc.VAT

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